Enabling Smartness

The term “smart” begins to imply more than just a connection and ability to collect and report data; it begins to describe the capability of interpreting and adapting to data.

So, if a device can collect usage data, a smart device would also be able to recognise usage patterns and adapt its functioning accordingly.  

Experience You Can Count On

Enetric is a low current systems specialist with extensive domain wealth in Integrated building management, Smart Surveillance and Smart City system and more with a  full spectrum of services that ensures facilities remain comfortable, productive, and achieve optimal energy and equipment performance with safety, and security systems included. Our goal is to provide our clients with a complete single-source solution

Enetric with its global staff of experienced engineers and designers can commence at any stage and anywhere in the process of design and perform to deliver.
Whether you seek support for BMS services or clients from a variety of industry sectors, from Developers, Hotels,  Malls, hospitals or schools for a retrofit or brand new installation we can assist.

Enetric’s Delivery Goal

All projects involve various focus areas from process specialists to controls engineers. Enetric Delivery Management brings all the teams to focus on the ultimate objective, to deliver the project on schedule and cost.

Project Management

Our project managers and engineers have the necessary experience to deliver your projects, within budget and on time.  Given our domain experience across various segments, our Indian Global Support centre offers process, project, and procurement management services for all our projects to enable the execution team. You can rely on our proven track record of delivering multi-million dollar value projects.

Enetric’s team uses proven and well-tested project management tools to arrive at the scope, define responsibilities and communicate project deliverables that include Design Datasheets, Project Execution Plans, Responsibility Matrix, Project Coordination Procedures, Detailed Work Breakdown Structure, and several more.

whether your building is Commercial Towers, Office Parks, Shopping malls, Cinemas, Hotels or Retail Chains or General Industrial sector, we have the design capability and instrumentation ability to design a custom solution for your projects. We serve clients with a broad range of sectors. we have the capacity and experience to manage the project lifecycle, from consultation to completion.

Reliable Operations Support - Our Focus is the smooth operations of your Facility
We engage to improve system performance, extend the lifespan of your building engineering resources, minimize production downtime at the same time complying to high facility performance and safety standards.

We Look forward to serving you.

knowledge transfer program

Our Knowledge Transfer Program helps to empower facility management teams with the knowledge, skill and confidence to enable better understanding and operate effectively. From the building facility management to maintenance staff, we tailor the training to meet specific requirements of the process and building management equipment you work with.

Casual mistakes by facility maintenance cost buildings millions every year. 

Our Knowledge transfer program enables facility personnel to be aware of the hazards inherent within the processes. Teams will be empowered with troubleshooting skills necessary to identify and rectify problems quickly and safely at the basic levels. Ensuring your operators receive the best possible knowledge means you empower them to not only become better facility teams but also save costs greatly by ensuring the right model and time approach. Enetric enables your team as well for successful and smooth operations.  

Enetric’s is proud to position itself as a strong player in the Integrated Building Management System portfolio as its services not just support its clients, employees and stakeholders at large but also enables greater goodness through the Social and Environmental Impacts it serves. 

By implementing the iBMS solutions strategically for high profile buildings and by enabling the benefits of reducing the building operating costs through optimal energy consumption and reduced maintenance other major buildings will follow suit resulting in direct macroeconomic advantage. These saved costs are further passed as benefits to customers and the energy savings enabled reduces the carbon footprint having a positive impact on the environment and the climate change. 

Enetric Company Profile (pdf)